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Ellen Barone

At first meeting you might describe Ellen Barone as pretty, blonde and perky.  You would be only half right.  Smart, talented and tireless would help round out the description.

We had a hunch when we hired Ellen sight-unseen back in 1998 based merely on her resume and a telephone interview.  Looking back, it might have seemed crazy to hire a 30-something high school math and science teacher from Pennsylvania who wanted to be a professional photographer and whom we suspected really just needed a reason to move to New Mexico.

You can learn math and science but a great eye for photography and the ability to write is something one is born with.  That was more or less our hunch and Ellen has made us look rather brilliant for it.

As a fledgling photo researcher she pleased us (and our clients) from the start with her ability to assemble a dynamic and appropriate set of images for any request.  Working with husband Hank, a former educator and would-be photographer himself, Ellen set out on a flurry of self-assignments in the region, the images from which would become the foundation of her own collection of stock images (most available through Houserstock, Inc.).  Dave urged her to take notes and do stories from her trips as well.  Never one to pass up an opportunity, Ellen penned her first feature on a New Mexico cattle drive that she sold, with photos, not once, not twice, but three times!  We’ve been watching her dust ever since.

Dozens of articles later, stemming from far-flung adventures in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Malta, Costa Rica, and even nearby Las Cruces, Ellen simply outgrew us.  She still serves Houserstock, Inc. as a part-time marketer and energizer bunny, but she and Hank mostly manage their own business, International Media Group, www.intlmediagroup.com, marketing words and pictures to a number of travel industry clients.  We do aim to keep a leash on her… however long it may become. 

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Ellen Barone

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