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Rankin Harvey

We call him the “The Rock.”  Not because he’s built like a granite boulder or that as a certified instructor he could teach us to climb rocks.  It is rather because as our veteran office manager he is a beacon of steadiness and reliability.  Loyalty, too, because Rankin has served Houserstock, Inc. for 12 uninterrupted and productive years – straight from Baylor University’s School of Journalism.

Raised on a gritty West Texas wheat farm, where a good work ethic was ingrained early in life, Rankin has never faltered under a workload that would cause most folks to fold.  He’s our computer person.  He has been from the start our chief photo researcher.  He does a bit of bookkeeping and bill collecting.  He has been instrumental in designing our new website in concert with VisionDance.  He moves furniture and sometimes makes us lunch.  He can even program the VCR.  So he’s the guy we couldn’t do without.

More than an office manager, Rankin has achieved a long list of accomplishments as a writer and photographer.  His articles and photos have appeared in nearly three-dozen magazines and newspapers and he handles regional photography assignments for SUNSET and NEW MEXICO JOURNEY (AAA) magazines.  He’s co-authored a book: Adventure Guide to New Mexico (Hunter) with his boss Dave and Steve Cohen and again with Dave authored a 32-page special edition of CRUISES & TOURS magazine entitled “Setting Sail by Freighter.”

 His very best gigs, however, have been brochure shoots for the upscale travel company Abercrombie & Kent, which have taken him on extended adventures to the Galapagos Islands and Brazil’s Amazon region.

He would get to travel a whole lot more…if we could only find a way to clone him.

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